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commercial cleaning services

I, Sarah Bent, believe in being an active member in our community and spending my time in areas I am passionate about.  Whether it's planting trees with the cubs and beavers or contributing to the heart and stroke and cancer foundations as well as supporting our troops through running races, I want to give back to areas that are close to my heart.

We are also an active part of Turtles Kingston where we keep a look out, on our travels, for any turtles on the road and either help them make a safe crossing or report their presence.  Our water bottles sales also provide proceeds that are donated towards this cause as well as helping wildlife through the Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre in Napanee.

Being a great leader with my cleaning company starts with being a great employer.  To me this means a give and take relationship with my employees that creates a solid, committed and happy team.  With this, I am a member of the Ontario Living Wage Network that commits to paying my team members according to the Ontario wage standards and increases.


However, with my company, I believe in paying more than the minimum wage because being a part of a labour industry and working it myself, I know the intensity of the work required to do a great job.  Therefore, I pay above the Ontario minimum wage and offer bonuses and benefits to my employees.  I believe that this creates a positive atmosphere for everyone as well as happy and dedicated members of my team.


At Get Bent Solutions, we believe strongly in making the environment better or at the very least, not contribute to polluting it further.  We use only green products that are better for the respiratory system of our team, clients and their pets, while still providing a clean and sanitized home.  Also having our team members travel in teams of two in order to cut down on the amount of vehicles on the road and therefore, pollutants, is another way we help the environment. Being a member of Sustainable Kingston keeps us accountable as a company.

We are proud to be teamed up with an Organic company who creates organic cleaning products specifically designed just for us!  Which we are very excited to bring to you.

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