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Career/Job Opportunities

commercial cleaning services

If you are looking for a new career path or a job that provides long term stability and a great team to work with & offers a positive work environment...then look no further!   At Get Bent Solutions Inc. we offer all of the above plus a higher than minimum wage pay rate plus bonuses.  We know how hard our team members work to give our clients a sparkling home to come home to and clean work environment for our office clients & their staff; so we believe in paying our team members a higher wage.  Bonuses are a way to say thank you for your continued commitment to excellence without unsatisfied clients.

We offer a flexible work schedule with up to 35 hours per week.  Knowing what days you are available to work helps us assess where your placement within our company with be best suited.  We assign you with the same team mate, work days each week and shift times to help you schedule your life around your work and still have the time to spend with your family.  We truly believe in a home and work balance.

We provide full training off site prior to you starting within a clients home or office, to ensure you are 100% comfortable & ready to work with a team mate independently before we assign you clients.  This way you have the full attention of our trainer to ask any questions that may come up without any client questioning your work experience.

The atmosphere we create within the company is one of positive, up lifting and encouraging.  We believe this starts from the top, all the way down.  We treat each other with respect with a no drama, no bullying, no gossip rule in place.  We believe any concerns or issues that may arise can be dealt with in a professional & caring manner in order to help each other to continue to grow together to make Get Bent Solutions Inc. a great place to work.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our dynamic team, forward your resume today!  We will need to know which position you are interested in:

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