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About Us

Get Bent Solutions Inc. has been established since 2011.  With the owner, Sarah Bent, growing the business into a large residential and commercial enterprise, and servicing the Kingston area ever since.  With several teams of committed team members, we take great pride in our hard work and dedication in providing excellent service to all of our clients, and because of this, have been referred repeatedly.  

We take pride in our professional training program that we offer on site (out of our clients homes & offices) to ensure that the quality time & focus is spent on each new team mate. We use only the best environmentally green cleaning products that are the best for both the environment & humans ( & animals).  We use only quality vacuums equipped with hepa filters which help remove dust, pollen, mold, bacteria & airborne particles. 

 We have always properly disinfected all high touch areas; even prior to covid, to ensure the best clean & prevent the spread of any symptoms.  In the work place this is especially important due to amount of staff or clients you have entering these areas daily. So rest assure... even your phones are cleaned & properly disinfected!

With our Personal Assistant Program, we are able to offer a service that is more and more in need & demand.  We live in a world where both partners are working full time to provide a lifestyle for themselves and their families and coming home to do chores is not something we all want to do nor do we have time to do.  We are driving our children to sports & extra curricular activities which makes running errands & grabbing groceries even a chore.  Having a personal assistant is a wonderful addition to help alleviate some or all the extras we no longer have the time for or want to have to do.  We have created a list of services which our personal assistants are trained in and/or schooled in professionally.  This is a wonderful program to be a part of to help you accomplish more in each day whether it is at home or the office.

 We are a fully insured, licensed, with WSIB coverage, as well as all our staff are police verified; to ensure a safe and secure environment for our team members and clients.

 Work, business, errands, children, hockey practice, and life in general.... there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.

We understand that. Guess what.... There’s a solution. 

Whatever your needs.... residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, spring cleaning, office help or at home for errands....


                                                                                                                      GET BENT GETS IT DONE!

commercial cleaning services
26413 - Breathe Natural (logo) Colour RG

We are very proud to introduce our cleaning product supplier, Breathe Natural Organics.  They help us clean every home and office with completely green products. For an all natural and organic ingredient filled products, they are the company to deal with. 


They carry more than just cleaning supplies too!  A complete line of natural & organic skin care and body care products to suit all skin types.  

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