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Cleaning Tips


Everyone needs a little help when it comes to great tips on cleaning.  We always think we know what to use to get us the best results, but the truth is, we don't always get the results we were hoping for.  So, I am posting a few helpful tips to get you the results you were hoping to accomplish!

In order to become known as a great house cleaning company, you need to be consistent and be able to tackle different cleaning jobs but also know how to do it the right way.

Why you should deep clean specific areas of your home often

Why you ask? The answer is simple! We do not always have time to get all of the areas in our home cleaned on a regular basis and therefore are allowing dirt and grime and bacteria build which becomes unhealthy in our homes.

To elaborate....Take our fridge as an example, how many of us clean it out? I mean actually remove all of the items and thoroughly clean every inch of it?  Most of us do not realize the bacteria that builds up inside of the trays or under those dripping ketchup bottles.  How many times do we replace our fruits and veggies with fresh ones, but place them in the same dirty trays?

What about under the sink?  How many cleaners are kept under there with the garbage pail, recycle bin, and maybe even the green bin?  How often do we splash the walls beside the garbage can without knowing or realizing at the time, until later to see all of the build up? or the cleaners that leak and are not wiped up.

The list goes on and on for areas like these that need to be cleaned thoroughly in order to maintain a healthy, clean environment for you and your family. 

The best way to tackle these areas is to make a list of them and schedule time for each, one day at a time.  Clean the fridge saturday, under the kitchen sink sunday, and so forth, this way it isnt overwhelming and you get these areas cleaned! us! We would be more than happy to clean for you while you relax and enjoy time with your kids.  All kidding aside, it is easiest to accomplish if you do a little each day.

Clean your mattress regularly

Mattresses need to be rotated either from top to bottom or flipped over if you don't have a pillow top, this way they keep their shape longer and not the shape of you!  I find it easiest to remember to do this by making it a habit whenever I change the sheets.

Also, to help keep the mattress clean and the allergins at bay, sprinkle baking soda all over the surface and let it sit for at least an hour before vacuuming it up.

Laundry Tips

For those washing machines with mildew and mold build up, especially the front loaders with the rubber seal that holds water underneath, in order to get rid of the smell and build up...


 First pour 1/4 cup baking soda mixed with 1/4 cup water into the detergent holder, then pour 2 cups vinegar into the machine, run a full cycle.  if this doesn't completely do the trick? 


Take a white towel and soak it in bleach and hot water, a half and half mixture.  Place onto rubber seal or area with mold and mildew build up, leave for 30-45 minutes.  Rub clean or use a small brush to gently scrub any remaining residue.  Then place dirty bleach towel into machine and wash on a hot cycle.

Cleaning your suede couch

You're looking at your suede couch and suddenly realizing how dirty it is! or perhaps you don't really see how dirty because the spots and stains have started to fade into each other and now it's all a different colour.

Well....this is how to restore that awesome couch and get it back to looking new!  

You will need rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle and a hand held scrub brush as well as a sponge.

put the alcohol into the spray bottle, do not use water.  Why? because water will stain your couch.  Alcohol evaporates quickly.  Spray stained areas well and first use brush to scrub then sponge.  the brush will work out the tougher stains then the sponge will help finish and smooth the fabric before it dries.

You'll be amazed at the finished product!

Fridge Cleaning

Fridge often, when, with what?WOW!  Ok, so I am posting a before and after shot of a fridge we cleaned and this is the perfect example of DO NOT.  So, for a time line of how often...definately more often than this!  I clean mine pretty regularly, maybe not top to bottom, but when I see a shelf with stuff of it, I clean it right away.  A great time to clean it would be garbage day.  When you are clearing out expired food, your fridge will be a little less full and that's a great time to clean!

What we used to clean this with? believe it or not, the best thing that required the least amount of scrubbing and soaking was vinegar and dawn dish soap with water in a spray bottle.  Spray the shelves to death! then start wiping, the glass shelves are best cleaned under water.

Microwave Cleaning

Microwaves....Another appliance people seem to not want to clean.  This is a perfect example of, I'm not exactly sure how it gets to this point, but it did.  Again, what did we use to get this clean, and without taking all day to scrub?

Vinegar mixed with dawn dish soap and water wins again! plus degreaser.  Now the key here is to NOT spray the degreaser in the microwave but to spray it onto a rag and then wipe.  You do not want any chemicals left inside your microwave for your food to absorb.  Make sure that once the microwave is cleaned, to wipe it one last time with just water on your rag.

I think what we learned here is....let's clean the things that "cook" our food and store our food.  To have a clean fridge means that your food will not expire as fast as well as keep your family healthy because you are storing your food in a healthy environment.  And when you use your microwave, think of all the foods that have been "cooked" in this previously and what your next food will taste like after it absorbs all of the past tastes.

Stay healthy by staying clean!  Keep your family healthy too!  

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