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Construction Cleaning

All our Kingston staff are professionally trained and equipped with the required PPE before they enter any job sight; to ensure their safety while providing the necessary cleanings per visit.

We work with each project manager to schedule the number of cleanings needed for each new build and at what stage of the construction. 

We provide a checklist for each stage of cleaning and make the necessary changes with you to stay on track for the final close; to ensure your client receives the professionally cleaned, new home they deserve and expect. 

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Hire An Assistant

Ever wish there were two of you?

Feeling overwhelmed and drowning in tasks?

Wish you had  more time in a day?

Can't get all your phone calls answered? 

Wish the kids could get picked up from school/driven to sports?

No time to get groceries?

Your household chores building up?

Try our Personal Assistant Program!  We will find the perfect match to meet all of your needs at home/business & office

Office Cleaning

Provide a clean, positive work environment for your staff

Customize your offices' cleaning needs with our cleaning checklists

Our Kingston staff are professionally trained in office cleaning & work in teams of two

Uniformed, Police verified & signed confidentiality form because your business is always kept private

You schedule us for as often as you need

(5 days a week, weekly or bi-weekly)

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